Sapphire Searching in a Gemfield Near Emerald

What to do Near Emerald: Sapphire Gemfield Galore!

At our Emerald QLD Hotel, we aim to provide our guests with unique experiences, such as searching for sapphires in a Gemfield.

The Queensland central highlands have so much to offer its tourists; for instance, just a 45-minute drive from the Emerald Explorers Inn is the Sapphire Gemfields. The Gemfields surround the towns: Sapphire, Rubyvale, Anakie, and Willows Gemfields, and is one of the largest sapphire fields in the world covering almost 900 square kilometers.

emerald gemfield in queensland

The Sapphire Gemfields town itself exudes a laidback and welcoming vibe. Tourists that are keen to fossick for sapphires are welcome to do so in the town of the Sapphire Gemfields, and also the surrounding towns. Once a fossicking permit is obtained the sapphire hunting can begin! The staff on site are also happy to demonstrate how to fossick, sieve and hunt for sapphires.

sapphire gemfields in emerald queensland

What else is there to do at the Gemfield?

For those not as keen to attempt any fossicking, the township also offers a number of activities not as hands on. Locals love to showcase the locally sourced sapphires and gems at the markets and gem stores located throughout the town.

Mine tours are another fantastic opportunity to observe the fascinating process of sapphire mining and to see first hand how one of the world’s largest Gemfield works.

emerald queensland sapphire gemfield

The Gemfield is a popular tourist attraction and offers a unique and interactive experience.

In recent years, the interpretive trail, which can be accessed through the mobile application, Aurasma, has become an increasingly popular activity. The app offers users an interactive experience such as geocache activities, encompassing activities which are a part of the Dig the Tropic tourism adventure. The app offers interactive guidance and an interpretive experience, strongly appealing to the younger demographics.

One of the highlights of the app includes the solar-powered audio posts along the trail, informing and educating app users of the historical background of the fascinating town of Sapphire.

At Emerald Motel, we cannot recommend this experience more! We encourage our guests to make the most of this accessible and unique opportunity.

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